Monday, October 27, 2008


Halloween is this Friday! That means that Thanksgiving is in a month and Christmas is less than 2 months away! That is crazy! The other day I bought a cute jingle bell thing that goes on the door. I could not resist, all the stores have their Christmas decorations out!

Anyway, nothing really new has been going on. I had my hair cut on Thursday and colored dark again. I like one solid color as opposed to highlights so dark was the way to go! I have received a lot of compliments so I am thinking that it looks good!
Friday I have a Halloween party to go to and I do not know what I am going to be! Today is my only day off until Saturday so I am thinking that maybe I should get cracking on that!

Here are a few pics of my Halloween decorations and my hair!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

f to the 3rd power

Well tonight we had the fundraiser that we were planning for a manager that we have worked with for a long time. Mark was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago. I have to admit that I was really impressed with the turnout. People really have a way of coming together when you need them too. Kendal, Amy and I made shirts especially for the occasion. Black tshirts with F to the 3rd power...meaning, Fraser Family Fundraiser. We managed to raise over $3,000 for the family and it was really truly a great feeling to give it to Mark and Cindy before they left tonight. It really feels amazing doing something so selfless and thoughtful for someone else. Also there was a anonymous donation given to the family in $24,000!
It was a very successful night!
I keep Mark and his family in my thoughts all the time. You can read about his story and his family at The password is markfraser.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sayonara Sunday

Had a good weekend:) Brad surprised me and came home on Friday. We hung out all weekend after I worked. Last night we carved pumpkins!!!! I carved a skull and crossbones and he carved some scary looking face. We used the book and little carving tools. I am not so good at need patience and I was lacking them! (and I was blogging the other day about patience being a virtue)
Been working and working out on the Wii fit. My muscles all ache at the moment from doing all these crazy strength exercises (strength is not my strong point!) and yoga. Ha! Yoga is tough!
Tonight I went and saw Nights in Rodanthe with Julie from work. Excellent movie. Although I only suggest you see it if you feel like crying for an hour and then possibly another hour after it ends!
So here is to the end of another good weekend. I work all week and am off on Friday and Saturday. Friday I am going to visit Brad and Saturday I have to back a bunch of cookies for the fundraiser which is on Sunday!
Hope everyone has a great night and an even greater week!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Patience is a virtue

I lost my patience at about 3:10 this afternoon. I guess 5 hours is my limit for stupidity and rudeness. I do not take my work home with me but sometimes when I do think about it later in the night, I am baffled. Never would I walk into an establishment and treat people the way that I see some customers treating employees. I know that not everyone can have a smile of their face 24/7 (employees and customers). Everyone is entitled to have their bad moods. Hell, I even condone it. Let it out! Get rid of all that stress and frustration! It is healthy! Good for the body and soul! I just think that people need to watch who they are taking their frustration out on.
They say that you hurt the ones you love the most. Well, HAHA then the customers at my work sure must love all us cashiers!
Patience is a virtue.
There are days when my patience is endless and I feel that nothing can frustrate me. Unfortunately there are days when the tiniest thing can totally throw my whole day off.
Sometimes the simplest gesture can help brighten a person's day. A smile, a wave, a hello, a little laugh at their joke. And just thinking that I may be able to brighten someones day, well, that brightens mine instantly.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rainy day

It is a pretty dreary day out but I kinda like it. I worked hard yesterday cleaning my apartment so now I do not really have that much to do today. I am thinking I should hit up Kohls 50% off sale today:) That is always a good time. Plus I have a new book to read. Other than that today is my last day off and then I am going to have to work every day until next Friday. That should be loads of fun! Oh well, its ok to keep me busy.
Right now I am just hanging out with my cats. Tonight I am going bowling!
Other than that that is all that is going on in my world.
Another exciting day in the life of Shauna.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Manic Monday

Even though I work most weekends (so I don't traditionally have a "weekend") there is just something about Mondays. I guess you can say I got a case of the "muundays"! Haha. Monday at work is always lame. It is ad Monday so when I go in I have a zillion of tags to hang. It is actually a very simply task just tedious and lame dash o.
So here is to a start of a GREAT week!
Hope everyone has a great week and it goes by fast so you all can get to your real weekend!
Although now that I think about it, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off so technically today is my Friday! WOO HOO! TGIM! That is a good way to get rid of the Monday BlueS!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow...

Well as my vacation comes to an end this chilly Saturday night I am feeling a little bit sad. :) It always sad to have to go back to work! But it was a great vacation. I bought a wii and then a wii fit and I have been having a blast playing with it. I am so sore though! But I had so much fun playing my parents Wii that I had to buy my own! It was nice to have my Mom do some of my laundry! Thanks MOM! Dinner is on my next time;)
Right now I am getting ready to head over to a friends house and just hang out. Gotta head back to work in the morning.
Today I helped Brad move into his apartment at school and then went to dinner with him and his room-mates. It is always a little sad when he leaves for school but I know that it is only for 3 months:) It is double exciting when he comes home for the winter because it will almost be Christmas! (Don't wanna think about that yet!)
Nothing else is really new though. The other day the cats got out and I managed to grab them both at the same time. (See pic below)
Currently I am helping Kendal and Amy plan a fundraiser for a family at work. A manager of ours from Hiller's was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and then found out that is has spread and he has brain cancer. His wife works with us also and we are trying to raise money for them and their little girls. We have planned a bowling fundraiser on October 19th at Plaza lanes. Keep your fingers crossed that there is a huge turnout. They are really great people and I have worked with them both for many many years. I keep them in my thoughts and prayers all the time. It is really sad. Cancer Sucks.
So now I sit, saying goodbye to my vacation. To my Brad.
Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow. :)