Saturday, February 27, 2010

Playin' hooky

Today I woke up and the idea of going to work did not sound appealing at I played hooky. I have been thinking about using a sick day for a while now and today felt like the perfect day.
Yesterday I was off work so I went to breakfast with Amy, Target and then to visit my Mom:)

Last night Brad and I went to dinner with his cousin Abby (A) and her boyfriend Adam (A). We went to Bd's Mongolian BBQ. It was delicious! (and I managed to make it fairly healthy and didn't overeat! Although the few beers that I had didn't help but they were delicious too!)
Then we hung out at their apartment and Abby gave me a farm and cafe on facebook! :D

This morning Brad (B) and I went for a jog, about 30 minutes, and then did a bunch of ab workouts. Now I feel refreshed and ready to go! Its hard to run outside in the snow and ice but surprisingly refreshing. He had to push me because I have a hard time jogging for a long distance but in the end it was worth it! (Thanks B!)

I have been eating healthy all week and doing really good. I have not had a lot of sweets (even though I may think about them all the time:D) so last night when I had a bite it was sooooooo delicious!

Now Brad and I are going to go to Dick's sporting goods and I think I am going to buy a hula hoop! Supposed to be a good workout and they have special ones with weights for an even better work out!

That's about all I have for now!
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another day...another couple dollars...

Another Tuesday come and another Tuesday (almost) gone.
Worked today and it was pretty lame. I did, however, eat healthy:) I have been eating pretty well for the past 2 days and it feels good!
I have been working out and that feels good! I am doing good so far and I am proud of myself!

It sure is hard to change the way I think.
Earlier I was trying to work out on my treadmill and after about 6 minutes it would stop and then I would have to reset it. After the 2ND time that it did this I was really frustrated (I was frustrated to begin with just because I have been all day) and immediately I thought "forget it I'm just going to go eat some cookies and Ill just try again tomorrow!" and then I caught myself! I called myself out, like hey girl, calm down!

I really do eat my emotions!
I know that sometimes at work when I am frustrated or even just really bored I would go and get something yummy from the bakery. That would make me smile for a minute but in the long run did me no good.
So now that I am paying closer attention to this behavior I think I am gaining better control over it.

I did give up on my treadmill for the time being but I didn't give up! I did some ab exercises with Brad (bless is patient soul! He just took my frustration in stride!) and I jogged with the Wii! I actually ended up getting about 30 minutes of exercise in and worked up a decent sweat! I jogged for 10 minutes straight, over a mile and I don't think I have done that since they made me run the mile in high school!

So in not giving up and working through my frustrations I accomplished what I wanted too! And now I feel good and I didn't eat any cookies!

I drank a few mugs of yogi healthy fasting tea to get me through the night!

All in All a good day (minus the 8 hours I had to spend at work!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stop And Smell The Roses

Another weekend comes to an end.
I love weekends even though I do not have your normal Monday thru Friday job. (Of course I love them even more when I don't have to work them!)
Pretty low key this weekend. Brad went snowboarding with the boys from school so I had the weekend to myself.

Friday I went to dinner with Julie from work and Saturday I had to work all night. Then I hung out and watched the raccoon outside with Stash and tried to be as excited as he was but I just couldn't do it!

Today I was off work so I cleaned up around my apartment and went to Barnes and Noble and wondered around for a while.
Brad came over after he got home and we watched Hitch (great movie...makes me laugh every time!) and ate some dinner.
Now its 10pm already and the weekend is gone:(

I just got off the dreadmill after a 50 minute fast walk:) And I feel great! I worked out yesterday morning too before work. Every time I work out I feel so great and refreshed and I know that I should do it more often.

I decided that I wanted to save the gorgeous roses that Brad bought me for Valentines Day so I am drying them out. They are hanging upside down in my dark, dry closet and then I am going to spray them with a sparkly shiny spray that I can buy at Micheal's. Then I can put them back in their vase and keep them forever! I love pretty flowers but I always feel so bad when I have to throw them away because they die.

Well that's about it for now!
As for my updates on me being healthy-I did not eat very well this weekend but I did get a lot of exercise. If only I could find my happy medium...Ill just keep working on that!
Until next time...

Friday, February 19, 2010

lets get serious

I have decided to take my blog in a different direction. From here on out I will be blogging about my struggles with my weight on a day to day basis. I am always thinking about my weight and how I wish this and I wish that and yet if nothing changes,nothing changes.

So damnit, I say lets get serious.

Its real simple. I want to be able to put on a bathing suit (or even a tank top for that matter) and be comfortable with myself. I want to be able try on jeans and not be close to tears because once again, they don't fit. I want to be able to wear a pair of shorts in the summer (and I mean a real pair of jean shorts) And that doesn't mean that I have to be a size 5. That just means that I have to be comfortable with my body.

I figure that if I blog about my struggles every day then I will be more likely to hold myself accountable for my eating behavior. Day after day I wake up and say "Hey! today is the day, I am going to eat healthy, I am going to work out!" and by the time the afternoon rolls around I figure I can just start again tomorrow.

So its time to put it all out there.

I know that I am beautiful inside and out but I am unhappy with my weight.
I am unhappy with my body.
I love to eat. I eat when I am bored, I am when I am sad, I eat to celebrate!
I strive for perfection and when I fail-there is no going back. And I justify it all.

I know that I have to change the way I look at all of this. I know that just because I eat a couple cookies or a piece of cake that does not mean that I should chow down on some pizza. I have a tendency to think that if I can not workout hardcore for 45 minutes then what's the point? I know that any exercise is good exercise.

So here and now, its time for a different outlook. I will do my best every day to eat healthier. I will do my best to get exercise-any exercise. And that will be my "perfection". And I will hold myself accountable for my eating and will not justify all the bad stuff that I am eating.
I will do my best and I will struggle, but I will succeed.

Because a year from now, I will wish I had started today.
So I am.