Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Showers

Wow, I am really bad at keeping up with this whole blogging thing. I really do have good intentions yet somehow the days pass by and I do not blog. I guess there really is not a whole lot to blog about anyway.
Been trying to keep up with eating well and working out. I have continued to work out pretty consistently however, I have not been so strict on the eating well part. But now, I am back on track! So far, I have lost 13 lbs in that past few months which is enough to make me smile! Now I am going to step it up! Kick start it again.

I can not believe it is almost May! I am excited for Michigan to go Smoke Free on Saturday!
I am also excited to go to a Tigers Game on Saturday! Hopefully it doesn't storm like it is supposed to!
Eat em up Tigers! Eat em up!
I am ready for summer to be here, enough with this crazy weather, bring on the heat wave (and hopefully lots of camping ((smores))).

Well, thats all folks!