Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Christmas time...

I love the snow:) I am just relaxing and watching the snow fall. Had a good few days off, save for the terrible, horrible headache. I decorated my apartment for Christmas. Kitties love sleeping underneath the Christmas Tree. I hung some lights in the windows and wrapped my pictures in wrapping paper.

Did some shopping on Friday early morning. Had a nice Thanksgiving just wish that II would have felt a little better and been able to enjoy the food! It was nice to see Brad for a whole weekend! I am excited that in 3 weeks he will be home for 3 months!
I am pumped because also because Nickelback (my favorite band!) is coming to Joe Louis in February! YES!!!!! I have been waiting for them!

Head back to work tomorrow. (lame!) I am off again on Friday. Ready for an awesome vacation in January!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Relaxing weekend!

Note to self, do not leave dishes in the sink all weekend, for the start to stink! Had a good weekend, just hanging out with Brad. Looking forward to Thanksgiving! Just got off the Wii and am gonna watch Lipstick Jungle. Bought a cute stuffed kitty that I could not resist. (kind of a bad habit of mine!)
That about it!
Looking forward to my 3 days off this weekend!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Just thought I would update a little. There is snow on the ground! Yes! I went for a walk this morning, it was extremely refreshing! Now I have to jet off to work soon here. I can not wait until Thursday and Friday, those are my days off this week!
Went to dinner with my Mom and aunts and cousin on Friday then went and saw the new MGM with my mom. Lost miserably. But it was fun none the less. Saturday I worked all day-lame lame lame. Same for yesterday, but at least yesterday I was able to watch all the snow falling. Then I came home and sat on my ass! Now today I feel like I have been totally lazy hence the long walk I took this morning.
Tonight I am going to Wii fit, she is gonna be mad, it has been like 4 days! uh oh! I'm in for a lecture.
That's about it for now, just work work work all week. I can not wait until Friday when Brad comes home:)
That's it for now! Peace out homies!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Looked out the window not too long ago and what did I see? Snow! The first snow of the season. I can not believe how fast this year has gone by, before we know it is going to be 2009!
Tomorrow is the start of another week! They are all flying by. I bought an adorable teddy bear today that I saw at work. I had to have him! Lol. His name is Hudson.

Not a whole lot planned for the week. Candle party on Tuesday. Work. Cleaning. That's about it.

Friday, November 7, 2008


TGIF! Finally a day off work. It feels like forever! Yesterday I bought a Christmas tree! The holidays are coming! I am so excited when the new year hits, the cruise will only be a few weeks away! I am starting to pick up some scrap booking supplies already! That is going to be the best vacation ever to scrapbook!

These holidays are going to be awesome! Because if I am really lucky, they might possibly be my last holidays at Hiller's! My longing for a new job is stronger every day! This June I will hit my 10 year mark! Oh goodness! While Hiller's has been a great place to work, and if need be I could work there for the rest of my life and retire from their, I need a challenge! I need a job that keeps me thinking on a daily basis! Something that I can call a career and be proud of myself. I am capable of so much more than Hiller's could ever offer me.

Went to Target last night. I think I might have a minor addiction to Target. Which I guess is somewhat harmless it is just so easy to spend a lot of money there. Besides the Christmas tree I bought some catnip kitty toys that are Christmas colors. I have to hide them until at least December. Also bought some makeup and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Best holiday movie next to Christmas Story.

Tonight I am going to visit Brad at this apartment. We are going to go eat at Sonic ( you know that commercial you see all the time but there is not one in Michigan?) They just opened one up right by his college. I think I might have to take a picture or two and scrapbook a page about it!
Tomorrow I am going to the bar for Amy's birthday.
That is my exciting weekend and that is all for now!

Kitties are good, brats as usual! I love em!
Play fighting!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Rain

Can't believe it is November already! I have already started to think of Christmas ideas and am actually getting excited. I love the holidays!
This morning I went for a long walk since I do not have to work until this afternoon. I loved the way that everything looked with the leaves on the ground and it had rained sometime this morning. It was very calming! I have to work all this week and then I am off Friday and Saturday. Friday night I am going up to see Brad. Nothing else too exciting planned for me.
I was scrapbooking last night and the time just flew by. I could spend so much money on all these scrapbooking things! I absolutely love it!

I am now officially registerd for school! I am going to be certified in Medical Billing! I am so excited I wish that classes started next week!
I have 3 classes. My CIS class (computer information systems) is online so we will see how that one goes.
My medical insurance coding class is Thursday mornings at Radcliff 9-12 ( the only place it was offered this semester) and medical terminology is at scraft Thursday from 6-10.
I am pumped!
Every day I daydream about a new job! It is time for something more challenging and rewarding!
Thats all for now folks!