Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Tomorrow is my day off! yay! I live for my days off (even if I am just going to be cleaning all day!).
Nothing really new-just been working, working out and eating healthy. I have been bored lately at work and starting to wander towards the candy but have been pretty darn good at resisting if I do say so myself!

I am thinking that I am going to weigh myself sometime next week but I am not too sure yet. I try not to think about how much I weigh and just try and focus on feeling good about myself. I often think when I step on the scale that the number should be lower and I do not want to have any discouragement this early in the game!

Excited for this weekend to have dinner at my parents house and see Chris and Marissa.
Also going to the Michigan Gold Expo with Brad. (He is super excited about that!)

I just cleaned my bathroom so I do not have to worry about cleaning that tomorrow since it is my least favorite!

Now I am just going to relax and read a book.
Night Night All!

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